Spreefeld Berlin

Cooperative development for affordable housing and mixed-use

new building / 46-63 apartments / working-units
2011-2013 / Berlin / Cooperative Spreefeld
joint building venture / Coop / Net-area: 7.376 m² / KG 100-700: 2.050,– €/m² NGF brutto
LPH 0-5: Development / design-phases with die Zusammenarbeiter / BAR Architekten / S. Carpaneto Architekten

Right at the river Spree we develop the Coop Spreefeld, an open-plan concrete structure with a timber façade for maximal mix of use: Besides a Kinder-garden, the groundfloor with its double-floor units is explicitly dedicated for working, including the optional-areas, three space designed and curated by the Coop for affordable public use, the floors above offering a wide range of housing models, starting from compact apartments of 25m2 to cluster-apartments of 600m2 for 20 inhabitants. To compensate the offer of the whole ground-floor for the public including the beach at the river, each house offers a semi-public roof-gardens and large, private vertical gardens. Nominated for the European Mies-Prize.