Cooperative development for affordable housing and mixed-use

new building / 17 apartments
2013-2016 / Berlin / Baugemeinschaft Haasestrasse
Net-area: 1.739 m²/ KG 300-400: 1.770,– €/m² NGF brutto
LPH 1-5: design-phases with pro.b / planbar3 / Büro 1.0 / ava architekten / Steinhilber plus architekten

Haasestrasse is our second development of a Block using the model of the “Baugemeinschaft”. Beside five additional buildings of partner-offices, we develop 17 affordable apartments of different typologies. In addition, the public roof is extending the courtyard, besides several mixed-use spaces on ground-floor an existing club is relocated within the new structure as a restaurant with stage.