Lagarde Höfe Bamberg: blue house

Cooperative development for affordable housing and mixed-use

new building/ housing and working
2018-2024/ Bamberg/ Volksbau Bamberg GmbH & Co. KG
LPH 0-5: Development / design-phases
Foto: fatkoehl architects
urban planning scheme: Eble Messerschmidt Partner, Architekten und Stadtplaner PartGmbB

After the withdrawal of the American armed forces, the former US-barracks in the eastern part of Bamberg are no longer used. Separated from the core city by the river Main and the railway line and surrounded by administrative buildings, this district needs a boost for urban liveliness. Together with Volksbau and seven other architects-offices, we are developing a concept based on the urban design, the core of which offers a diverse and mixed neighborhood for living and working