Cooperative development for affordable housing and mixed-use

new building / 9 apartments / 1 unit for mixed use
2010-2012 / Berlin / Baugemeinschaft Simplus
joint building venture / WEG / Net-area: 1.030 m²/ KG 100-700: 2.170,– €/m² NGF brutto
LPH 0-5: Development / design-phases in collaboration with pro.b / Büro 1.0 / Steinhilber & Weis Architekten
Photos: Jan Bitter

Besides Simplon, Simplus is one of eight realized buildings within the first cooperative development of a Berlin Block, a critical size to produce a range of uses necessary for an affordable city of maximal variety. Besides a range of different typologies for living we also produce working unites, a kinder-garden and extend the shared space of the courtyard onto several roof-tops. The opening of the Block with our building creates apartments with more intimacy, more light and extend the public realm into the courtyard.