Expert for urban planning and urban space

The future of the harbor east – Development of a sustainable new district, Flensburg, 16 – 17 January 2020

Common Grounds

Lecture at the ETH, Zürich

Unpark the auto

fatkoehl architects and Quest: Workshop and lecture at the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, MEF University, Istanbul

Collective Housing: New Initiatives

Workshop and Conference, Ljubljana, 21 – 22 June 2018


Discussion Panel | Inclusive City: Urban Diversity and How It Happens

Moderator: Ian Volner (Critic and Journalist, Independent Journalist, WSJ, The New Yorker…,New York, US)
Ruben Koekoek (Founder, Social Finance NL, Amsterdam, NL)
Petra Marko (Co-founder Marko + Placemaker, London, UK)

Living Together: How to create cooperative housing and the challenges that accompany it.

Workshop at reSite 2018 with Florian Köhl

Urban Lab Medellin

Conference and Workshop in cooperation with TU Berlin

Designing Future Cities

Conference, Beijing

Curated City?

Make City Festival, Berlin, 11 – 28 June 2015

Real City Lab Cairo

Conference and workshop in cooperation with TU Berlin

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014

SELF MADE CITY roundtable – WEEKEND SPECIAL at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition_Fundamentals – la Biennale di Venezia

Florian Koehl participated as speaker and moderator at the Weekend Special dedicated to Self-Made City at the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice. 3 Workshop Sessions were hosted at the Arsenale, focusing on the architectural und urban qualities of the Self-Made City, based on the best-practice examples from Berlin during the last ten years, discussing sustainable urban development, as well as how the projects-qualities can be applied to new projects in the conditions of other cities.

international design workshop

University Aarhus

Three questions for: Jean-Philippe Vassal

Discussion Netzwerk Berliner Baugruppen with Jean-Philippe Vassal

2014 reSITE conference "Cities and landscapes of the new economy"

Florian Koehl moderates the Discussion on the theme: “COMMUNITY RESILIENCY: CITY FOR ALL

in discussion with :
Andrey Grinev • Chairman • Union of the Creative Territories • ARTKVARTAL •Moscow,
Benedetta Tagliabue • Co-founder • EMBT • Barcelona,
Adam Greenfield • Founder, Director • Urbanscale • NYC, London
presenting: Tereza Stockelova • Sociologist, Activist • ProAlt • Prague
Niombo Lomba • City Councillor • Stuttgart
Juval Dieziger & Mario Husten • Co-Founders • Holzmarkt25 • Berlin

Affordable Living

Conference in the DAZ, Berlin


workshop “What City”, Bratislava with Goethe Institute

AIR Expert-exchange

‘expert-exchange’ in the context of the program of AIR PLUG-Rotterdam.

reSITE 2013: Urban Resiliency

Florian Koehl was invited on the theme “Urban Resiliency” as “community innovator”

The conference addressed the issue of modernizing Prague and other post-communist / premodern cities of the CEE region. It focused on providing solutions for politicians, citizens and investors; to grow and yet weave in a complex past.


shared authorship. What does it mean?

ARCH+ features 13 – Florian Köhl, John Bock und Nikolai von Rosen


Access to architecture...through crisis

Workshop at “What makes a city”, The European Forum for Architectural Policies, Cyprus