Venice architecture Biennale 2014

SELF MADE CITY roundtable - WEEKEND SPECIAL at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition_Fundamentals - la Biennale di Venezia

Florian Koehl participated as speaker and moderator at the Weekend Special dedicated to Self-Made City at the 14th  Architecture Biennale in Venice. 3 Workshop Sessions were hosted at the Arsenale, focusing on the architectural und urban qualities of the Self-Made City, based on the best-practice examples from Berlin during  the last ten years, discussing sustainable urban development, as well as how the projects´quilities can be applied to new projects in the conditions of other cities. 

2014 reSITE conference " Cities and landscapes of the new economy"

Florian Koehl was invited to the reSITE Conference 2014 to moderate  the Discussion Panel 3 with the theme:  "COMMUNITY RESILIENCY: CITY FOR ALL"

in discussion with :

Andrey Grinev • Chairman • Union of the Creative Territories • ARTKVARTAL •Moscow, Benedetta Tagliabue • Co-founder • EMBT • Barcelona, Adam Greenfield • Founder, Director • Urbanscale • NYC, London


Tereza Stockelova • Sociologist, Activist • ProAlt • Prague, Niombo Lomba • City Councillor • Stuttgart, Juval Dieziger & Mario Husten • Co-Founders • Holzmarkt25 • Berlin


Forum Karlin

Prague, Czech Republic

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AIR Expert-exchange

'expert-exchange' in the context of the program of AIR(Architecture Institute Rotterdam) PLUG-Rotterdam.


2013 reSITE conference “Metropolis Central: infinite Resources“

The conference addressed the issue of modernizing Prague and other post-communist / premodern cities of the CEE region. It focused on providing solutions for politicians, citizens and investors; to grow and yet weave in a complex past.

Florian Koehl was invited on the theme "reSITE Conference 2013. City combine 1: Urban Resiliency" as "community innovator".

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ARCH+ features 13 - Florian Köhl, John Bock und Nikolai von Rosen